International Conferences on Addiction and Associated Disorders

iCAAD is a platform dedicated to expanding knowledge, exchanging ideas, and advancing the prevention and treatment of Behavioural, Mental, and Emotional health issues.

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Testimonial 1

Testimonial 1

  • ‘Here I’ve noticed that people are invested. One of the things I think creates that investment, is the leadership of iCAAD. They’re interested and they’re energised by it, and I think that ripples out – so there’s an energy that’s pretty exciting and I’m honoured to be here.'
    Miles Adcox
    CEO and Owner of Onsite
  • 'This is the best conference; I've ever attended in Europe. I think the team has done a great job of getting the word across that we are professionals united. We have the same goal. iCAAD has the ability of reaching out to people all over Europe to teach them about new technology, to provide a format to give advice or supervision
    Rokelle Lerner
    Senior Clinical Advisor at Crossroads Antigua
  • iCAAD is awesome... I've seen some of the best speakers that I’ve ever seen this year at iCAAD.. It’s great to have that exposure to world class thinkers and speakers. It's an awesome networking environment, really we need to do this to keep our standards up in the field. It’s a great opportunity for professionals from the United States, UK and Europe and wider to come together and keep connected to each other... I will definitely be coming back to iCAAD next year.
    Alastair Mordey
    Programme Director at The Cabin
  • ‘iCAAD is important primarily because it brings folks from many different spheres, you have representation here from all over Europe and America. There’s a much richer environment to learn and to share ideas and information... It’s both a challenge to think about new things, and it’s also in a way an encouragement that the direction you’re going in is good
    Raymond V. Tamasi
    President of Gosnold on Cape Cod
  • 'The great thing about iCAAD is that you dive into the world of addiction care, you can talk to anybody who’s in this business and it’s great because everybody has much knowledge and what’s happening and what’s going on, and you have really good conversation about what’s happening in the industry and what’s relevant for this time so for us it was a great time to be here.’
    Joris Moolenar
    Founder and CEO of Karify