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May 7th-9th 2018







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“FORWARD... Connecting practice with theory in the treatment of addiction; working towards our global goals in Behavioural, Mental and Emotional Health Care.”

This is the continuum theme for iCAAD 2017/18 events, following on from... ‘UNITY: the next generation of solving problems collaboratively 2016/2017’.

These diverse and multi-faceted conferences will be a platform where our partners and other regional hosts can share and deliver presentations on practice models and demonstrate resources and outcomes on current advancements that relate to the treatment of addictions; mental health global integration; intervention and relapse prevention.

These conferences will also look at how addiction can manifest in very distinct groups such as youth and LGBTQ+ communities; its direct impact on Behavioural, Emotional and Mental Health, from where it originates; and as the therapeutic field moves towards long-term recovery goals, we will be exploring the benefits of therapeutic and holistic treatment methods, from healing childhood trauma to nourishing the whole self.

Each conference will be unique and autonomous in the way it deals with its subject matter, though at the same time, each will work collaboratively towards our global goal of uniting to find best practices and solutions.

Arise 3 Day Workshop + 4th day Advanced Module May 2nd-5th 2018. READ MORE

Arise 3 Day Workshop + 4th day Advanced Module May 2nd-5th 2018. READ MORE

International Recovery Institute Training + Advanced Module May 10th-13th 2018. READ MORE

International Recovery Institute Training + Advanced Module May 10th-13th 2018. READ MORE

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Testimonial 5

Testimonial 5

  • ‘It’s an incredibly important event, it’s not just for the UK but it really has been extremely successful in reaching out to many other countries… It’s also the mingling of the different cultures and learning from one another. It’s really time for a cutting edge conference that does brings in the rest of the world because we can all learn from each other.”
    Dr Judith Landau
    President and CEO at ARISE Network
  • ‘I think it’s vital to have the face to face contact that iCAAD allows’
    Dr Fiona Mckinney
    Chartered Psychologist
  • ‘Being from the United States, it’s so incredible to see all of the different perspectives, oftentimes, we’ll see the same people in the same room over and over again. I think there’s something important about that community, but for us it’s been such a unique experience to be able to connect with others.’ 'It’s also beautiful to see the shared similarities actually that we have, differences in how we treat these problems, but there’s so much we have in common and so much care that we have. So it’s really great to connect with other people, who are in the trenches fighting the same battles that we’re fighting all over the world.’
    Janelle Smith and Mia Raymond
    Dietary Consultant and Clinical Director at La Ventana
  • ‘I think this is a fantastic platform to share technology and ideas, I had to travel 13 hours to come here and I think it was definitely worth the flight. I’m looking forward to going back because I’ve learnt a lot myself, people are open to sharing which is very important, and I’m going to take back a lot of information back home and share it with others. I’m glad that iCAAD has provided this platform, the past three days has been a fantastic academic experience, and it’s also been useful to network. We’ve met some good friends from the past, we’ve met new friends, new opportunities, so I’m looking forward to the next iCAAD actually.’
    Dr Prem Kumar Shanmugam
    Chairman and Clinical Director at Solace Sabah


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