More than 50 presentations and panels from over 60 expert presenters across 3 days and 2 evenings, with a total of 31 CDP hours available.

iCAAD London is a 3 day conference for professionals and interested parties in fields of emotional, behavioural and mental health issues, including addiction,  held at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington London. The next iCAAD London will be in May 2018.

iCAAD London caters for academics, professionals and non-professionals. iCAAD examines a diverse range of topics affecting our industry in the private and statutory sector, on a local and global level.

iCAAD London brings you 3 days of presentations and panels on the very latest in developing research and hot topics in the areas of mental health, behavioural health, addiction and recovery.

50 Titles in 2 Minutes

iCAAD London 2017 featured over 60 expert speakers enlightening contemporary panels tackling subjects that affect day to day practice and the development of our industry,  and takeaway skills from interactive workshops.