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Facebook Live Event. 6pm GMT. Today!

27 Nov 2017

Today we are introducing a new feature here at iCAAD. At 6pm Monday the 27th November (this evening), Noel McDermott, founder and director of one of our EPU sponsor's Noel McDermott: Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd, will be interviewed by Samantha Quinlan, director of ICAAD Events during a Facebook Live event. They will be discussing the topic of anxiety. If anyone finds anxiety causes them difficulty in any areas of their lives, tune in and join in the conversation. Noel will be welcoming questions and will endeavour to help as many people as he can during the live event.

To access the live event, CLICK HERE at 6pm to go to iCAAD Events Facebook page, or CLICK HERE to go to Noel McDermott: Psychotherapy and Consultancy Ltd Facebook Page. All you have to do is join the live event and listen in! 

It's not often you get free advice from a top psychotherapist and top quality community care provider, so take advantage guys! Come with any questions you may have and Noel will try to help!

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