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Healing Trauma Newsletter

14 Nov 2017

Our Healing and Trauma in the LGBTQ Community event is happening in less than two weeks. We will be hosting a day of presentations as well as facilitating experiential and collaborative workshops. The focus will be on peering beneath the umbrella of the “LGBTQ label”, looking at specific traumas and complexities for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer communities as individual subcultures. This unique workshop will be a safe space where all stigma is left at the door and relational trauma issues can be explored. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the event. 

Beck Gee-Cohen who specialises in LGBTQ addiction, recovery and trauma will lead the London workshop. Gee-Cohen, from the US and currently residing in LA, is a trans man and recovering addict of 12 years. He has written articles and papers directly addressing the need for training staff on LGBTQ communities and has spoken extensively in the US at various conferences on this topic 

Alongside Gee-Cohen will be the UK's Adela Campbell, an extremely well respected psychodrama therapist. These two professionals will be working together to deliver deep insight and expertise on both experiential models and specialist resources in trauma therapy when working with gender complex clients and exploring addiction and relationship issues.

This event is supported by Resort 12, the first-ever LGBTQ dedicated destination rehab facility outside of the US. It offers a unique and bespoke holistic, LGBTQ specific programme. 

CLICK HERE to view their new stunning website.

There are still tickets left for this essential not to be missed event. Please CLICK HERE in order to register. 

The iCAAD team looks forward to seeing you all there.

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