iCAAD London 2017 Schedule

Daily schedule of presenters and panels

 RegistrationExhibitors Arena York SuiteLancaster SuiteVictoria SuiteAlbert SuiteWestminster Suite
8:00Open 12 Step MeetingMeditation; body-oriented stress-reduction session with Elizabeth Hearn
9:00Grand Opening hosted by Shovell
9:30Addiction & theatre the search for the “to be or not to be “centre” Presented by Dr Neil Brener“No-one wants to be a w****er” - how porn affects young people
Presented by Paula Hall & Martin Daubney
The invisible lion: how to explain trauma in plain english Presented by Benjamin Fry
BreakNetworking opprtunities
11:30Oxygen and brain plasticity Presented by Professor Philip James & Dr Frank LawlisCase management: navigation tools for the journey Presented by Mike Ferguson & Johan SorensenRelieve stress informed by hypno-psychotherapy Presented by Elizabeth HearnDramatherapy & recovery - the hero’s journey Presented by Simon Marks
13:00Music support
LUNCHDufflyn Lammers Pop up Theatre
Social Enterprise Stalls
14:00The curse of the spotlight: the challenges of celebrity culture in addiction treatment Presented by Dr Paul Hokemeyer & Jan GerberSymposium on prescribed drug misuse and addictions treatment Presented by Jonathon Chick & Dr Maria KellyDynamic family recovery: applying effective conflict resolution theory and skills Presented by Rupert Potier
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16:00OCD, hoarding disorder and BDD: a practical update Presented by Dr Alberto PertusaBuilding Resilience in Youth, Families, and Communities, during these Challenging Times Presented by Dr Judith LandauBoarding School Syndrome, Addiction and Recovery – When Privilege is Trauma Presented by Paul SunderlandFemale sex addiction: a forgotten population? Presented by Dr Fiona McKinney
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18:00Quenching the thirst for wholeness: mindfulness and recovery Presented by Rokelle Lerner
 RegistrationExhibitors ArenaYork SuiteLancaster SuiteVictoria SuiteAlbert SuiteWestminster SuiteChelsea Suit
07:30 Registration
8:00Open 12 Step MeetingMeditation; body-oriented stress-reduction session with Elizabeth Hearn
9:00Grand opening hosted by David Charkham
9:30Drug use in a sexual context; the case of novel psychoactive drug use by men who have sex with men Presented by Dr Owen Bowden-Jones & Neil Dickens & Dr Dima AbdulrahimHealing The Body Presented by Janelle Smith & Mia RaymondThe Links Between Substance Misuse and Cognitive Disorders – Clinical Implications Presented by Dr Andreas FonsecaThe challenges facing sustainability in uk addiction treatment – is best practice being traded for profitability? Presented by Eytan Alexander
BreakNetworking opprtunities
11:30The invisible geography of addiction treatment: culture and it’s impact on outcomes Presented by Dr Prem Kumar ShanmugamFiguring out the facebook hook - the SNS paradox: exploring how social networking sites can bring users both a sense of connection and disconnection Presented by Dr Mark Griffiths & Jacky PowerA Nation Held Hostage: Viewing addiction as a terrorist Presented by Heather HayesNew psychoactive substances: what impact do they have? Presented by Hattie Moyes & Katie Smithsbury
13:00Self-discovery through creative writing – healing words Presented by Dufflyn Lammers &
Christopher Burn
LunchNetworking opprtunitiesSocial Enterprise StallsSee digital healthcare in action: a fully interactive real time digital healthcare demonstration from karify and e-mentality
14:00Why saying the unsaid may be the hardest and most important thing you will ever do Presented by Miles AdcoxDrug testing explained: what, why and when Presented by Kim WolffA need for belonging: Is addiction the Prime Suspect? Presented by Michele Morphitis & Nial Campbell & Jacqueline Malton
BreakNetworking opprtunities
16:00Navigating the chaos: ADHD and addiction Presented by Dr Constant MoutonMechanisms of change:How does treatment really work? Presented by Tim LeightonIs beauty the beast? Presented by David Neita
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 RegistrationExhibitors ArenaYork SuiteLancaster SuiteVictoria SuiteAlbert SuiteChelsea SuitBalmoral Suite
8.00Open 12 Step MeetingMeditation; body-oriented stress-reduction session with Elizabeth Hearn
9.00Grand opening hosted by Mark Dempster
9:30Resurrecting the Resilient Spirit: Fostering Hope and Healing in the Aftermath of Trauma Presented by Kathleen Parrish E-health – like it or not, digital health is changing the landscape of mental care and patient engagement Presented by Catherine Koster & Joris MoolenaarGlobal freedom: Modern slavery issues are complex as is the spectrum of mental, behavioural and emotional health issues that need to be cared for Sober Academy Training Day
11.00Sober Academy Training Day
BreakNetworking opprtunities
11.30The Art of 8 Limbs. Using Muay Thai Boxing to Heal Addicted Young Men in the Golden Triangle Presented by Alastair Mordey21st century integrative treatments grow in evidence and effectiveness Presented by Dr Glynis Read & Dr Leigh Nea & Adela CampbellCoaching reaches the parts other means of support do not reach Presented by Camilla Crichton-StuartThe crisis of credibility in addiction treatment: and what constitutes credibility anyway? Sober Academy Training Day
13.00“Nothing To declare” and “The Ongoing Path” by Mark DempsterLunch time working group: european melody model treatment associationSober Academy Training Day
LunchNetworking opprtunitiesSocial Enterprise Stalls
14.00Burn-through: innovations in understanding burnout Presented by Dr Richard SherryAn interactive workshop on eating disorders and self harm behaviour, case studies and discussion Presented by Dr Shruthi GuruswamyRecovery oriented treatment systems – in policy and practice Sober Academy Training Day
15.30Sober Academy Training Day
BreakNetworking opprtunities
16.00Global integration: the need today for standalone addiction services to strategize beyond their existing activities, considering solutions towards sustainabilityThe benefits of implementing bio/neurofeedback into integrated mental health treatment for addictions Presented by Dr Antoinette GiedzinskaSober Academy Training Day
17.30Sober Academy Training Day