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Healing And Trauma 

Rome. 13th April, 2018









iCAAD Rome

13th April, 2018


“FORWARD... Connecting practice with theory in the treatment of addiction; working towards our global goals in

Behavioural, Mental and Emotional health Care.”


This is the continuum theme for iCAAD 2017/18 EUROPEAN POP UPS following on from...

‘UNITY: the next generation of
solving problems collaboratively 2016/2017’.

A one day conference and masterclasses. 

The conference will address the following themes, exploring Italian-based theoretical models and specificities, leading to best culturally            integrated practices:

  • Development of psychological approaches to mental health and addiction in Italy.
  • Specificities of Italian family based culture in addiction treatment. Analysing opportunities and the hurdles needing to be overcome.
  • Breaking denial about addiction within strong cultural beliefs. A daily goal in therapies and interventions.
  • The gambling epidemic, a state or a trait?
  • Abstinence vs harm reduction in day care treatment.
  • Problematic choices in implementation.
  • Global mental health approach: moving from fractal assessment and treatment to a globally unified realistic and economically viable approach that deals with healing as opposed to simple management. 


Roma Eventi Piazza della Pilotta 


Friday 13th April 2018

09:00 - 20:00


Professional €60/£55

Student £30/£27

Flyer coming soon

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